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My Master Final Exam!

Another stage of my life comes to an end! Tomorrow I’ll be playing my Master Final Exam surrounded by friends and family, both on and off stage. I must admit that it’s a bit of a bittersweet feeling, since I’m excited for it but at the same time it means the end of an amazing and enriching experience. These past two years studying the Classical Music Master’s Degree in ArtEZ Conservatorium I’ve learnt so much in terms of music and violin playing, as well as about me as a person and an artist, and I can’t think of a better way to reflect that it than a recital in which I will be me 100%: from the choice of the repertoire and how it’s related to my own life-story to who I’m going to play with and even my (gorgeous) dress, everything in my recital will be a demonstration of who I am.

“I think I just realized after a while that worrying about having a certain impression or not having a certain impression was keeping me from just playing the way I wanted to play. I just needed to completely dive into what I wanted to do, not apologize for the preempted or wonder if it was the right thing to do; just do it.” - Hilary Hahn

I’ve loved working on this program, discovering the amazing details behind each of the pieces and finding my own version of them. Not only musically speaking, but also personally: I’ve improved and worked on aspects of the violin playing that were (and still are sometimes) hard for me, and I also realized a lot about myself as a player. I found out why I’ve chosen that specific repertoire, what I want to express with it and what’s the connection between the pieces and myself. What’s the feeling that I want to create in the audience and what are my goals while I’m playing. And if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that I want to have fun. When I finished my Bachelor’s Degree, having fun on stage was not even an option for me, I couldn’t imagine how that could be possible. And here I am now, a couple of years later, not only knowing what it feels like but making it my primary goal. That already speaks by itself.

Master Final Exam Poster Eider Armendariz

If I were to describe my final exam, I'd chose the words love, growth and homage. Each of the pieces that I’ll play is associated with a very important pillar of my life, which makes the whole concert even more special and emotional for me, as it has a very personal touch to it. That’s another thing that I’ve learnt about me: I love to share my life-story through music and really put all that I have into it to create something that’s special for me, and hopefully for the audience too. The message behind my playing is now much more important than it used to be (well, there was no message nor further purpose at all before 😅).

One of the pieces that I’m most excited to be playing is Mozart's Violin Concerto nr. 4, since I’ll play with a small orchestra. As empowering as I find it, it also implies that I’ll be going completely out of my comfort zone. But if you know me you know how much I like challenges! It’s really been so cool to work with the orchestra these past weeks to create our own version of the piece, and I love the energy they transmit to me. Yet another example of how cool it is to play with friends! 🙂

Oh, and during my final exam I will also present and officially launch my ebook! If you haven’t already, make sure you check it out here.

Here's to closing a chapter that has brought me so much and opening new doors that who knows where will lead me!


For those of you who weren't there, here's a sneak peak to one of my favourite pieces of the program 🙂


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