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Chamber music

There's something that cannot be explained with words in the connection that you get with other people when you do music together. I love to get inspired by my colleagues, learn from them and explore the possibilities of sound and color within the ensemble, it's so much fun! And if besides your passion for music you also share a friendship with them, it takes the whole experience to a higher level.

Here are the two ensembles that I'm part of right now:

String Quartet

Brillante Quartet

Tristán Savoye Matamoros, violin

Eider Armendariz Cividian, violin

Adrián Abad Antoñanzas, viola

Aymara Gosen, cello

The Zwolle-based quartet was born in September 2022 and we've already performed together in various occasions, being finalists of the ArtEZ Chamber Music Sessions. Our rehearsals are a musical lab where it's all about experimenting and trying out ideas until we get the result we are looking for.

Brillante String Quartet
Don·nes Trio

Violin, saxophone and piano

Don·nes Trio

Eider Armendariz Cividian, violin

Mirjam Kwebeman, saxophone

Ana Marco Pérez, piano

A project from our Master's Degree in Classical Music brought us together and we decided to continue exploring the possibilities of this out-of-the-box ensemble. We create interdisciplinary performances in which we aim to create an intimate atmosphere to connect with our audience. 

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