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Eider Armendariz Cividian

Violinist and writer

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I'm Eider & this is what I do

I'm Eider, a professional classical violinist living in Zwolle, The Netherlands, and I have multiple facets as a violinist: I am a chamber musician, an orchestra musician and a violin teacher. I am very creative and ambitious, which means I am interested in many different art disciplines; in fact, I have just published an ebook!

Check out my ebook!

Find your artistic identity

Are you an artist looking for your artistic identity? Do you want to be as authentic and true to yourself as possible? I wrote an ebook for you, with 10 steps that will guide to become the artist you want to be!

I love to write about my concerts, projects, musical trips... The Berliner Philharmoniker shared my article about them!

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  • Youtube
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Zwolle, The Netherlands

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